Thursday, 16 June 2011

Presenter profile - Track D: Dave Westwood, Agi Ryder

Dave Westwood: IPadagogy

Dave Westwood Is a researcher within the Educational Development Unit of CLTE. Dave has a background in Psychology and holds an Msc Cyberpsychology. Within MDX he is currently working upon a number of projects including: Introducing Second Life simulations to MDX; The new Student Portal; Evaluating the role of the VLE within a 21st century University; The E-assessment project; Evaluation of the Personal Progress reviews and the Ipad exploration project.
Dave Westwood
External to these institutional projects Dave is interested in Mobile learning and augmented reality; Connectivism and pedagogies for the digital age; and new and emerging literacy’s pertaining to web 2.0 and the use of Games within education.

Within the Ipadagogy session we will look to explore the ways in which this new hardware can augment and enhance the assessment and feedback process. Topics covered will include: ‘live’ Audio feedback; on screen marking and Video analysis for sport. We aim to involve all audience members in a lively and constructive debate triggered by a number of short presentations, which we hope will prove useful and engaging.

Wordle: Ipadagogy Project

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Dave's co-presenter: Agi Ryder

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