Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Presenter profile - Track N: Carole Davis, Agi Ryder

Agi Ryder: Audio Feedback and IPadagogy

I work as a senior researcher in the Educational Development Unit, Centre for Learning and Teaching Enhancement. I’m interested in how people learn and how best to teach them with the help of ‘e’ stuff. My research interests revolve around introducing innovative and creative ways of educating people both in formal and informal settings.

Projects I’m involved with at the moment: Programme Progress Reviews, institutional e-assessment project, rethinking the VLE project, audio feedback, Middlesex Journal of Educational Technology as editor, ipads in HE. I’m also working on my doctoral thesis on the role of virtual worlds, like Second Life, in education. I’m exploring what students really think about these virtual worlds and how these environments contributing to their learning.

At this conference I will be leading two sessions:

1. Audio Feedback: Carole and I have started working together 3-4 years ago on the PGCert Higher Education programme and began experimenting with audio feedback soon afterwards. The aim of our session is to offer participants a taste of post teaching observation feedback and lead a useful and thought provoking discussion around the highs and lows of audio feedback.

2. Ipadagogy: This session will summarise the lessons learnt from the ipad project:
Participants will have the opportunity to listen to and have a short discussion about the personal experience of lecturers who have received ipads in order to investigate how these popular portable tablets might be used for e-assessment and learning and teaching.

What I have learnt from students re: e-assessment - Reduce the stress of online coursework submission by letting your students practice the act itself before the big deadline. Set up a practice dropbox or a small formative assessment where students can get familiar with and gain confidence using the system. This will let them concentrate more on what goes into the essay rather than how the essay will get to you.

Agi's co-presenters: Carole Davis and Dave Westwood

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