Friday, 24 June 2011

Presenter profile: Track G - Toby York, Thomas Bending, Nicky Spawls

Thomas Bending: E-assessment project case studies: the triumphs and challenges

Thomas Bending
Thomas is the Director of Economics and Statistics Programmes in the Business School. His department has a varied set of teaching duties, teaching both specialist economists and statisticians but also large numbers of general business students who need some convincing that quantitative subjects can be useful and enjoyable! He teaches mathematics and statistics at all levels, both on his department's modules and elsewhere.

Thomas is a combinatorial mathematician who's begun to venture into statistics. He is interested in ways of using ICT to facilitate and improve teaching and give learners independence.

There's a big debate across the University about the pros and cons of marking work electronically. Thomas is admittedly a technophile, but his experiences with electronic marking have been surprisingly positive, particularly in terms of an improvement in the feedback he can provide. Come and be enthused!

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