Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Presenter profile - Track F: Carl James Reynolds

Carl James Reynolds: From Tasks to eRequirements

I am a principal lecturer in the School Engineering and Information Sciences, a university Teaching Fellow and Director of u/g Computing and Multimedia Technology programmes. My area of teaching is in uses of networks for business and communication (Network Support Technologies) and I have taught on many multimedia/computing modules over the last 15 years at Middlesex. I take pride in ensuring that my feedback on submitted work is fast and useful (normally within a week) and that students have several opportunities to fail assignments in the formative stages of the work. I supervise many student projects and have a passion for audio synthesis and controller technology for all media processing. I am also involved in a great deal of outreach and  marketing work and find that involvement with schools and international students gives me greater insights into the diversity of our student intake, their backgrounds and experience.

Currently my assignments for year 3 students involve working for a medium sized international company in a consultancy role, ensuring that the company makes effective use of emerging technologies. Working with the students and the company has given me greater insights into areas such as requirements analysis and also into the need for change management and sensitivity to institutional culture.

My session is about eliciting information from the participants about the practice and culture of assessment by use of role play and interrogation. This will allow a rich picture to be developed which will help in the design and prototyping of assessment tools that support existing practice. The results will be published online at the beginning of September.

As an e-coordinator, I have tried over the last year a mixture of marking for each of my assignments. I have found that for short formative pieces of work and  logbooks that marking electronic copies is fast and effective, with students very happy to receive generic feedback via e-mail and more specific feedback in lab session or at the end of lectures. I have found that standardising file formats is important and will be using PDF for next year.

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