Monday, 27 June 2011

IPadology - Track D: Phil Barter

IPadagogy: Using Apple Ipads within the Assessment and Feedback process

Phil is an experienced senior lecturer in biomechanics at Middlesex University (MDX). Phil teaches on the Sport and Exercise Science programme which he also leads. Phil has been at Middlesex since 2009 and this year oversaw a revalidation of the suite of Sport and Exercise Science undergraduate courses. He has been lecturing for ten years at a couple of institutions, which has increased his experience and knowledge of curriculum design and the effect on students learning and teaching environment.

Phil Barter
Phil’s teaching areas are Performance Analysis, Biomechanics, Health & Fitness, Research methods at MDX. Phil is currently involved in various research projects within the London Sports Institute including research into potential performance and injury issues associated with the athletes ‘footedness’ and how to measure pressure in football to a degree where goal scoring changes can be created. Phil has a keen interest in the use of performance analysis to enhance athletic performance and prevent injuries.

Phil has been examining using the iPad to utilise various forms of media to enhance the feedback experience in the Sports and Exercise Science sessions, both in a practical and theoretical concept, so attendees to the iPadology session can learn about the apps that have been tested and think about possible application in their areas. 

The main resources Phil has used during the project include the Apple app store and various sport science journals and websites which mention new developments.

In terms of tips for successful e-Assessment, Phil recommends thinking about the size of the feedback sheet attached to a piece of assessment and also types of media, to make the impact as mobile as possible, for example, he has lowered the quality of the videos used and shrunk the size of pages use to ensure that they can be read on any mobile format as students are increasingly likely to read or utilise feedback on their phones.

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