Tuesday, 21 June 2011

IPadology - Track D: Gary Meek

IPadagogy: Using Apple Ipads within the Assessment and Feedback process

Gary Meek is a Senior Lecturer PGCE ICT Middlesex University, who previously taught Modern Languages, Computing and ICT in secondary schools in North London and Berkshire. His interests include: ePortfolios, iPad, e-Assessment, ICT in MFL, music!

Gary Meek
Gary trains Secondary ICT teachers at post graduate level, and in addition, supervises students on the MA Education (ICT). As a former languages and ICT teacher he has a special interest in ICT and MFL.

People should attend the IPad session because it will be an exciting opportunity to find out how a small machine can give a big return and add value to the assessment of your students. Gary has used the iPad in every classroom based observation for the past 6 months. Using just Word Processing software (Pages) and notes (Soundnote) he has been able to provide instant feedback based on written observations with additional sound recording and transfer via Bluetooth or wireless LAN.

Gary's current research includes Computing Research Grant from TDA, the use of IPad for e-Assessment and Pebblepad for ePortfolios.

A recommended resource is: http://www.apple.com/ipad/from-the-app-store/education.html
This store is potentially dangerous to your bank balance or credit card. There is always an app that you just have to buy.

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