Thursday, 23 June 2011

IPadology - Track D: Venetia Brown

Venetia Brown: IPadagogy: Using Apple Ipads within the Assessment and Feedback process

Venetia is the Director of Progammes for Post-qualifying (PQ) Nursing and one of the HSSc Learning and Quality Enhancement leads. The main focus of her work involves taking an operational lead for PQ Nursing provision which includes responsibility for the development, delivery, quality monitoring and enhancement. Venetia works closely with other Directors of Programmes and the Head of the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery and with NHS Trust partners to ensure that the study days, modules and programmes that we deliver enable nurses and midwives to improve their practice and to provide high quality, evidence based care for patients, clients and service users.

Venetia has a particular interest in working towards enhancing the experience of student life for non-traditional students i.e. CPD/part time students who are in employment. Being part of the e-assessment project has given her the opportunity to review how and whether e-assessment works for our CPD students. Other areas of interest are around how and whether accessing CPD provision enhances employability prospects for those already in employment.

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