Monday, 13 June 2011

Presenter profile - Track N: Carole Davis, Agi Ryder

Carole Davis: Audio Feedback
Carole Davis is Principal Lecturer in Teaching & Learning at Middlesex University in London with direct responsibility for the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education and MA in Higher Education. She is also an Educational Facilitator for The London Deanery which is responsible for postgraduate medical and dental training in London.

Carole L Davis
Carole is passionate about the enormous potential the teaching observation experience offers academic staff and clinicians, in particular the power of dialogue and feedback in improving staff morale and student engagement.

The aim of this session is to learn more about the role of audio feedback in assessment, to consider whether it might be relevant for your work and to be inspired to have a go yourself. These are challenging times in Higher Education and any strategy which saves time whilst making people feel more confident and empowered has to be a good thing.

Her current research seeks to explore the dialogue between observer and observee in teaching observation experience.

Carole's co-presenter: Agi Ryder

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