Monday, 4 July 2011

Track F: e-Requirements

TRACK F - From Tasks to e-Requirements
Presenter: Carl James Reynolds

Carl proposed that instead of selecting software tools for e-assessment and trying to adapt to them, we should be in the driving seat and adapt the tools to suit us.

Run as a workshop, his session took us back to basics, in search of a set of requirements rather than tools. In small groups, we were asked to each adopt a ‘stakeholder’ role (programme leader, school administrator, student etc), for the other group members to interview for 10 minutes and then swap around. The aim being to explore our existing processes around assessment.

After some debate as to why we were looking at the assessment process in general, rather than e-assessment and seemingly taking a step backwards, Carl explained this was in order to identify all the tasks around assessment – not just pedagogy; thus being better prepared for evaluating existing tools and developing new ones.

Carl was assisted in the session by a student and together they aimed to collate all the recorded tasks from each group.

Louise Merlin
e-Learning Content Producer
Centre for Learning and Teaching Enhancement

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