Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Many people gave their time and expertise to make the 11th Middlesex University Annual Learning and Teaching Conference a successful event. Sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone involved especially those mentioned here...

2011 Organising Committee: From left:Kirsteen Macdonald, Joanne Mullarkey, Steve Chilton, Carole Davis (Centre for Learning and Teaching Enhancement), Pat Cartney (School of Health of Social Sciences), Caroline Reid (Centre for Learning and Teaching Enhancement)
Thanks to:

Shauna Torrance for administrative support and help on the day

Karen Ridout for sharing her expertise and support on the day

Angus Macdonald and John Parkinson for filming and producing the keynote sessions (Cat Hill for the loan of an extra camera)

All session presenters and chairs

Joyce Clancey for her guidance and support

Neesha Kodagoda and Artemis Parvizi for persuading participants to allow their conference impressions to be captured on video

Louis Slabbert and media support services at Hendon

Colleagues in the Centre for Learning and Teaching Enhancement for their support, contributions and report writing

EFMS and Ben Hill, Vitorio Pollame, Chartwells' Catering Services

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