Monday, 4 July 2011

Track H: Using Turnitin

TRACK H - Using Turnitin: From Plagiarism Detection to e-Assessment
Presenter: Franco Raimondi

Franco presented an interesting, informative and often humorous session of his experinces of using Turnitin. Franco explained how students are allowed to submit their work via Turnitin several times as a development and feedback tool as well as a plagiarism detection device. He then went on to explain some of the many creative methods that students have come up with to reduce their plagiarism scores in Turnitin; an eyeopener!!. The session was a thought provoking exploration of both the strengths and weaknesses of Turnitin. Franco concluded by saying that Turnitin is by no means a fool proof method of detecting plagiarism and as such should be treated with caution. However, it has a very useful role to play in supporting students as part of an overall module assessment methodology geared towards developing the students throughout the process of learning and assessment on a module.

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